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Patent Protection for i.Scription®

Innovative ZEISS Spectacle Optimisation Revolutionises the Market

Carl Zeiss Vision has secured critical patent protection for its i.Scription® eye glass optimisation. This optimisation utilises a significantly more extensive and fine tuned analysis of vision problems than those used in the past and also takes into account the so-called superior vision deficiencies that were not directly registered by earlier systems. 

Patent Protection for i.Scription®

Innovative ZEISS Spectacle Optimisation Revolutionises the Market

The German Patent and Trademark Office has accepted the invention Device and Process for the Determination of Required Corrections of the Vision Problems of the Eye as an important key to new spectacle technology and acknowledged that it merits patent protection.


Among other details, patent number DE-102007032001B4 describes the mathematical calculation of spectacle strengths on the basis of data provided by wave front measuring device i.Profiler® and the subjective spectacle requirements determination by the optometrist.

Anton Kuhn, Head of Sales Central Europe of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, considers the decision made by the German Patent and Trademark Office an important confirmation: 

“The developments in the market show us that we have landed a substantial innovation with i.Scription® that convinces both, optometrists and those who wear glasses. For our developers the fact that their invention is now patent protected is a prominent acknowledgement of their achievement.”

To conveniently locate an optometrist using i.Scription technology near you, simply use our ZEISS optometrist search tool.

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