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Special Production

Sometimes specially produced lenses are required outside the standard range.
This may be advisable if the wearing comfort of the lenses can be improved, e. g. with specially computed, thinner lenses produced using the OPTIMA technique. Or if special visual problems or special visual tasks require unconventional solutions.

Interactive demo: Slim and light lenses


With the computer-assisted technique OPTIMA, the edge and centre thickness visible in the frame can be reduced to a minimum. Often, the lens can be produced much more thinly than the smallest possible uncut lens diameter allows.

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Slab-off technique

In some cases visual problems can arise if a patient with higher anisometropia works in the near. The slab-off technique is a special grinding method used to generate a compensating prism in multifocal and progressive lenses.

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Time and time again, there is a possibility of producing lenses which lie outside our standard lens range. In each individual case, our Technical Customer Service Centre checks whether the production of the required non-standard version is meaningful and possible from the production viewpoint.

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