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ZEISS Polarised Lenses

Optical Knowledge

Here you get background information on spectacle lenses: Basics of ophthalmic optics, surface geometry and progressive lenses, lens materials, lens production and coatings.



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ZEISS Polarised Skylet®

The Ultimate in Sunglass Optics

Polarised Skylet® combines a polarisation filter with contrast enhancing Skylet® tinting for a unique visual experience in extreme light conditions.

Thanks to the colour-enhancing effect of Skylet®, Polarised Skylet® not only reduces glare and hence increases safety, but also offers excellent colour rendition.

Two different views of the same road

Without polarisation filter

Without polarisation filter

With polarisation filter

Polarised Skylet®


The benefits of the wearer

  • Polarising filter against irritating reflections
  • Optimised glare protection
  • 100% solar UV protection
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Attractive range of colours with the benefits of the Skylet® colour
  • Visible hallmark of ZEISS quality

Polarisation technology know-how

Light reflected at the surface of a transparent medium is partly polarised. The majority of this light (depending on the angle of incidence and the surface) is polarised perpendicularly. The polarisation filter in Polarised Skylet® is orientated horizontally and ensures that this reflected, perpendicularly reflected light is not let through. In this way, distracting reflections, such as those when driving into the sun on a wet road, are practically eliminated by Polarised Skylet®.

Our Recommendations for Polarised Skylet®

  • Optimum field of application: Anywhere where reflecting surfaces are a source of distraction, e. g. when driving, for water and winter sports
  • The optician can open patients' eyes to the excellent effect of the lens
  • DuraVision® Platinum - unimpaired vision, also with lateral incidence of light

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