Historical Lenses

Carl Zeiss manufactures lenses for various camera systems such as Hasselblad, Sinar and Rollei. Tolerances with these lenses are so narrow that uniform image quality is assured from unit to unit. These lenses are designed and made for a service life counting in decades. When developing these lenses, we especially stress to fulfill the requirements for the unusual demands often encountered in technical, scientific, and industrial as well as in beauty and fashion photography.

Lenses for Hasselblad

The Hasselblad with its ZEISS lenses has captured many of the most significant images of mankind. The pictures of NASA’s landings on the moon are probably the most famous of them. The image quality made possible by this photographic system is legendary.


Lenses for Sinar

In cooperation with Sinar, lenses for the autofocus configuration of the Sinar m camera were specially designed to meet the highest demands of digital photography. Sinaron Digital AF lenses are made for the use with a Sinar m camera in conjunction with the Sinaron Digital AF Mirror Module.


Lenses for Rollei

The Rollei 35 is a 35mm miniature viewfinder camera built by Rollei. The original Rollei 35, when presented to the public at the photokina in 1966, was the smallest 135 film camera ever. In cooperation with Carl Zeiss various systems have been equipped with a ZEISS lens.

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