ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses

Stand out with stock that is definitely not standard.

With ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses you can offer your customers all the benefits of freeform optimisation, at the same cost and delivery time frame of a stock lens.

ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses

Offer your patients stock lenses that are definitely not standard.

Freeform Finished Single Vision Lenses in stock

Point-by-point design optimisation for a highly complex surface. This results in an FSV lens that is both very flat and thin and achieves excellent optics – with clear viewing from the lens centre to the periphery.

ZEISS UVProtect Technology

ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses come standard with ZEISS UVProtect Technology embedded in the lens material.

Standard FSV stock lenses compromise on optics

With their distinct advantages of lower cost and fast delivery time, finished single vision (FSV) “stock” lenses are globally the most sold ophthalmic lens type. However, FSV lenses have fallen behind in one of the most important features for every spectacle lens wearer: they typically do not provide great optics away from the lens centre. In particular, the demand for flatter and thinner FSV lenses has compromised the peripheral optical performance. 

ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses

Inspired by consumer demand

Consumers demand comfort and clarity, but standard stock lenses compromise on optics.ZEISS tackled the big opportunity for optical improvement of conventional FSV lens designs by identifying a method to evaluate optical quality and improve lens optimisation.

A breakthrough in optics and aesthetics.

With ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses, wearers will experience excellent vision clarity from the lens centre to the periphery, in a lens that is flatter, thinner, and more attractive-looking than conventional lens designs that rely on steeper base curves to provide acceptable optical performance.

Proven customer satisfaction with ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses.

Confirmed by a wearer trial with single vision lens wearers using a blind product testing procedure, ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses are proven superior to conventional FSV lenses.2

100 %

100 % had a very good/good immediate impression with ZEISS ClearView FSV.2

78 %

After 1 week of wear, 78 % of study participants preferred the vision performance of ZEISS ClearView FSV compared to ZEISS AS FSV.2

89 %

89 % of wearers strongly agreed or agreed that they had experienced all day visual comfort with ZEISS ClearView.2

79 %

79 % of wearers strongly agreed or agreed that ZEISS ClearView provides clear vision across the entire lens for near, intermediate and distance vision.2

Innovations behind ZEISS ClearForm Technology

Freeform design for finished stock lenses.

ZEISS ClearView Lens Design

Complex mathematical simulation tools are used to calculate the required mould designs.

Freeform Mould Generation

The complete freeform shapes are incorporated into the moulds by using highly accurate numerically controlled (CNC) generators.

CMM Metrology Measurement

Using ZEISS' industrial metrology expertise, final moulds are checked for accuracy and precision with a ZEISS coordinate measuring machine (CMM) where over 1500 points on the surface of each mould are analysed.

Specialised Mould Pairing

Special optimisation of front and back mould pairings to deliver the complex free-form optics across the entire prescription range. 2D Data Matrix Code (DMC) is used in the manufacturing process to precisely track moulds and lenses as part of an automated industry 4.0 process.

Casting/Coating/Quality Checks

Finally, finished lenses are checked by means of CMM against the ZEISS Vision Clarity Simulation to ensure the final delivers on the optical promise.

ZEISS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, and is committed to delivering maximum precision and comfort. ZEISS designs and produces lenses, instruments and measurement systems, as well as retail concepts and technology services that continue to raise the bar in vision care.

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