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ZEISS Vision Care has developed ZEISS VISUCONSULT 100 to help you transform your consultation process into an unforgettable experience.

It’s never been easier to give your patients a tailor-made visual solution. With VISUCONSULT 100, it takes three simple steps. First, the unknown becomes known with the My Vision Profile questionnaire. It gives you a detailed analysis of their lifestyle, habits, and visual behaviour to help you select the most suitable lens option. Next, make the invisible, visible for your patients by letting them experience your lens recommendations. Finally, end the process with a click of a button, ordering a unique, customised ZEISS lens solution.

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Three simple steps for tailor-made visual solution.

1// Vision Needs Analysis & Lens Recommendation

Vision Needs Analysis & Lens Recommendation
You can only recommend the most suitable lens type for your patients when you have a clear understanding of their visual needs. Import your patients’ Vision Profile Analysis from the My Vision Profile consumer web page ( by scanning the QR code. Alternatively, the ZEISS VISUCONSULT 100 with the Vision Needs Analysis allows you to create an in-depth, visual lifestyle analysis with your patients. In both cases the vision profile is accompanied by 3 recommendations of customised ZEISS lens solutions linked to their unique vision needs.

2// Capturing of Final Rx and Centration Data

Capturing of Final Rx and Centration Data
Enter your patient’s final prescription and frame centration data. This will allow you to see it in the Summary as well as transfer it to the VISUSTORE.

3// Summary page

Summary page
An easy-to-understand patient report that compiles all your customer consultation data and products in one place which you can print or email. Products chosen during Lens Demonstration will also be shown in Summary.

ZEISS lens demonstration and easy online ordering with VISUSTORE

ZEISS Lens Demonstration on iPad in AR

ZEISS Lens Demonstration on iPad in AR and VR
Specific features and the real benefits of lenses are unknown to consumers. The Lens Demonstration function within ZEISS VISUCONSULT 100 allows you to make the lens choice more tangible. It is an interactive lens consultation tool with easy-to-understand visualisation of products, features and benefits.
Lens explanation and upselling has never been this easy.

Easy online ordering with VISUSTORE

Easy online ordering with VISUSTORE
With the click of a button send all your customer consultation data to VISUSTORE, where you can place your order. You can calculate, optimise and see the thickness and exact specifications of your patients’ ZEISS spectacle lenses.


Country specific: The Integrated Toolbox is your access point to ZEISS product apps as well as videos and landing pages.

My Vision Profile

My Vision Profile

My Vision Profile is a web-based analysis of your patient’s lifestyle.
It analyses your patient’s visual behaviour to generate a unique vision profile, allowing you to recommend the optimum, individualised ZEISS lens solution. Let your patients complete this in the comfort of their homes or on-the-go. It allows you to scan the QR code to generate a Vision Profile, or complete it with your patient in store.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

My Vision Profile facts and benefits:

  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Quick to complete (approx. 5 minutes).
  • Question categories: Work & Daily Life, Digital Life, General Questions and Mobility.
  • A search interface connecting the patient with your store.
  • Option to integrate the My Vision Profile on your store/practice’s website.


  • Individualised vision profile.
  • 3 Suitable lens recommendations.
  • QR code or info-package for ECPs that can then be used in VISUCONSULT 100 and 500.
My Vision Profiler: process consumer app


The Lens Demonstration Module allows the user to experience the various functions, qualities, tinting, colours, and coatings of ZEISS spectacle lenses on a tablet. The user can select between three different display modes: image, camera, and virtual reality. In addition, products and features can be stored on a clipboard.

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