Easy, fast, intelligent: the modern way to order lenses.

Modern eyeglass lenses really are a miracle of technology. There are many different ways of tailoring them exactly to the needs of the wearer. This is all enabled by a countless number of lens types and order parameters.

The technologies used to produce modern individualized ZEISS lenses are highly complex – but now ordering them couldn’t be easier. With the new VISUSTORE® online ordering system by ZEISS.

Place your orders online – regardless of your platform and browser.

Place your orders online – regardless of your platform and browser.

ZEISS is digital: VISUSTORE® lets you order your ZEISS lenses regardless of what platform you use – tablet, laptop or PC. The ordering process is straightforward and self-explanatory. And you always see all the details of your orders at a glance.


Everything important at a glance.

VISUSTORE makes it easy for you: the start page provides you with all the important information you need about your orders – from the content of your shopping cart and the status of your current orders up to news items and the contact data of your ZEISS team. And all other pages are clearly named and structured. Here you will find precisely what you are looking for.

VisuStore - Self-explanatory buttons

Order status under control.

The start page also informs you about whether your orders can be delivered within your defined timeframe or if there will be delays.

Self-explanatory buttons.

A single click on the small pictographs takes you immediately to the required action: whether you want to check the progression zone, change the frame shape or show the results of the calculation in 3D.

Intuitive user interface to control the patient’s position.

ZEISS Visustore - Optimum sales support: the cross-sectional view.

Optimum sales support: the cross-sectional view.

Use this function to demonstrate to your patient the difference in thickness between various selected lenses: with exactly calculated values, percentage savings and cross-sectional views.

ZEISS Visustore - Particularly impressive: the 3D view.

Particularly impressive: the 3D view.

Sometimes a picture says more than many words. This function presents the results of the lens calculation in three dimensions. Present the lenses to your patient from all perspectives – directly on your screen. This is ideal for comparing the shape and thickness of different lens types.


The speedy solution.

Your time is precious. VISUSTORE® lets you order lenses the fast and easy way. The system is ready for action immediately after login and guides you precisely through the ordering process – without long loading times. And what about program updates? No updates are needed as VISUSTORE is online and is therefore always up to date.

ZEISS VisuStore - Automatic filter functions

Place your order in just 30 seconds – thanks to intelligent product filters.

Automatic filter functions are a major time-saving factor. A few clicks are all you need to select the category, the desired lens type, the material, etc. You will then receive a clear list of the possible lenses.

ZEISS Visustore - Shopping cart

Shopping cart: the fast way to copy orders.

The start page always shows you the current content of your shopping cart. Click on a saved order to open it. You can then copy it and re-place the order if necessary – all in next to no time.

ZEISS Visustore - determining the position of the bevel

Unparalleled speed: determining the position of the bevel.

For orders with edging, a few steps suffice to select the type and form of the bevel. Easy-to-understand graphics considerably facilitate this process.

ZEISS Visustore - Time-saving

Time-saving: tablet activation of the tracer.

Simply position the frames in the tracer and activate the instrument with VISUSTORE. The measured data is then transferred to our online ordering system: VISUSTORE can process data from almost all standard tracers – and not only via PC or laptop, but also tablet.


ZEISS VISUSTORE - Intelligently networked.

Intelligently networked.

All information from the ZEISS data network – from the refraction and frame data to centration – are transferred to VISUSTORE for order placement. To transfer this data to VISUSTORE with a single click, the online ordering system features a flexible interface to i.Com, i.Com mobile and the management software. For rapid, direct and simple data transport – totally without double entries. This speeds up your ordering processes and makes your work easier.

ZEISS VisuStore - VISUSTORE enables communication with your management software


VISUSTORE enables communication with your management software. This allows you to start the lens consultation directly from your software and to read data for the order immediately into VISUSTORE. If you have any questions, please contact your management software provider.

ZEISS Visustore - Visual check with the 1:1 tablet display.

Visual check with the 1:1 tablet display.

This function considerably facilitates your work by allowing you to check the frame shape and centration points directly on your screen. In this way you can see clearly whether drillholes or other parameters are in exactly the position they should be.

ZEISS Visustore

Practical input aids.

The display always indicates what information should be input for each step of the ordering process. This ensures that you are always in the picture. For each entry, the system informs you what values should be entered in this field.

Avoid input errors
VISUSTORE thinks for you. You can only enter those order parameters that are permitted for the selected lens type. If any entries are missing or incorrect, a helpful warning appears in red.

ZEISS Visustore - Determining the progression zones

Determining the progression zones

With this function you are guaranteed to find the right progression length. Here you can check the progression zone – and correct it directly on your screen for lenses with a variable progression length.

ZEISS Visustore - Individual shape change.

Individual shape change.

Would you like to modify the shape of a rimless frame? VISUSTORE® lets you adapt the lens shape directly on your screen to tailor it exactly to the needs of your patient.

All you need to order lenses online

Desktop computer, notebook, or tablet: To order lenses with ZEISS VISUSTORE the only thing you need besides your favorite device is a working internet connection. The following systems and browsers have been tested for compatibility:

Technical requirements  


PC, Notebook, Tablet

Operating system

Windows 7, 8, 10, MAC OSX, IOS 6 or higher


IE 11, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge

Discover the easiest way to order lenses.


I was curious and decided I'd like to test VISUSTORE® ... Now I wouldn't use anything else. There's no faster or easier way to place an order. It's totally convincing.

Maximilian Engel, Optometrist

The switch to VISUSTORE® and usage of the new ZEISS online ordering system are free of charge.

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