ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses

Offer your customers photochromic lenses with unique blue light protection.

PhotoFusion® X is not just a product update. We have re-envisioned photochromics using new lens material, faster dye compounds, and a speed-optimised carrier matrix.

  • Unique blue light and full UV protection – outside and indoors
  • Up to 2.5 x faster fade-back indoors1
  • Sunglass-level darkness outdoors

Photochromics re-envisioned.

ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses are available in many different colours and multiple indexes, and come standard in ZEISS BlueGuard lens material.

  • Available with any ZEISS DuraVision coating in Rx.
  • Available with ZEISS DuraVision Flash mirrors in Rx
  • Available in five colours in Rx.

Why did ZEISS develop PhotoFusion® X Lenses?

It answers your customers’ daily needs.

100 x

Changing environmental light conditions challenge the human eye. When moving from indoors to outdoors, illuminance can be up to 100 times higher outside, which can lead to discomfort glare.

22 %

Swopping clear glasses for sunglasses can be a hassle. On top of that, sunglasses are not always at hand – less than 22% of consumers actually wear their sunglasses when they need them.2

80 %

Internet searches for “blue block glasses” are soaring and 8 out of 10 lens wearers are saying that it is important to protect their eyes from blue light – especially indoors.3

Lens wearers want an all-in-one solution.

There’s an increasing demand for photochromic lenses due to today’s on-the-go lifestyle, and the rising number of 45+ year old progressive lens as well as young lens wearers. Customers want an all-day, all-light solution for daily wear.

Photochromics re-envisioned.

ZEISS PhotoFusion has been the preferred choice of many eye care professionals for their reaction speed. Now, in light of the growing demand, ZEISS set out to take light-reactive lenses to a whole new level with ZEISS PhotoFusion X.

Performance perfected:

Speed X Darkness X Clarity X Protection.

ZEISS PhotoFusion X is not merely a product update. It is photochromics re-envisioned, a product reinvented. It is performance perfected – designed to accelerate your business.

Your customers’ satisfaction with ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses is proven.

92 %

of consumers find PhotoFusion® X faster in lighting than the previous generation of PhotoFusion.10

98 %

of consumers agree that PhotoFusion® X Lenses in their darkened state are dark enough as sun protection lenses.10

93 %

of consumers agree that ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses in their light state are light enough as self-tinting lenses for everyday use.10

85 %

of consumers find PhotoFusion® X faster in lighting than a well-known photochromic brand’s latest generation.10

80 %

of consumers prefer ZEISS PhotoFusion X Grey over a well-known photochromic brand‘s latest generation grey.10

95 %

of consumers would wear PhotoFusion® X as sun protection lenses.10

91 %

of consumers agree they can combine it with all their clothing and 94 % say it is appropriate for everyday situations.10

91 %

of consumers agree that the darkened ZEISS PhotoFusion X Grey Lenses meet their expectation of a colour-neutral grey tone.10

The X-factor: patented11 intelligence

A new photochromic system

ZEISS BlueGuard Lens Material

The ZEISS BlueGuard lens material already blocks 40 % of potentially harmful blue light. With the added photochromic treatment, this increases up to 50 % indoors and up to 94 % outdoors when fully tinted.9 It also provides full protection against UV radiation all the time.

New Carrier Matrix

The new speed-optimised carrier matrix gives the molecules more freedom to quickly fold or unfold at their maximum level of performance and still remain robust enough to deliver the toughness and durability expected from a premium lens material.

New Photochromic Dye Molecules

New improved, faster dye compounds (each less than 0.3 mm in diameter), need very little light energy to react.

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