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Today, around 200 million people worldwide wear spectacle lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision. 9,900 employees in over 30 countries work together every day for "better vision" and are engaged in developing not only high-precision spectacle lenses, but also measuring equipment and diagnostic tools. In the area of optics, Carl Zeiss Vision is among world leaders. This expertise is something we would like you to be able to use too.

What would we like to offer you with BETTER VISION?

Every eye is as individual as the human fingerprint and no other sensory organ allows us to perceive and experience our environment as intensively. Therefore, it is especially important to us to fully take this individuality into account during patient consultation and diagnosis and in the production of ZEISS spectacle lenses.

With BETTER VISION we would like to offer you supporting information that answers all of your questions on the topics of vision solutions, spectacle lenses, and human vision. At the same time, giving you a behind the scenes view at Carl Zeiss Vision. We show you what kind of ZEISS precision spectacle lenses and vision solutions we have to offer. We would also like to invite you to ask your questions and to tell us about your experiences.

The most important BETTER VISION topics at a glance


Progressive Lenses

These lenses are intended to provide you with excellent vision at all distances (near, far and middle distance) in a single lens.


Spectacle Lenses for Users of Digital Devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs have become our constant companions in daily life. We expect our vision to adapt to this new reality.


Office and Computer lenses

Better vision and more comfort at work.



UV protection, tinting, polarising lenses or special solar protection for sports activities – customised sunglasses offer all options.


Sports & Leisure Eyewear

Life has too much to offer to see it through only one pair of glasses.


Secondary Eyeglasses

What are the benefits of an extra pair of spectacles? Better vision with exactly the right spectacles for your work and leisure activities.


Spectacle Frames

Look better and enjoy better vision with fashionable spectacle frames.


Eyewear Fashion

Spectacles and fashion – an unbeatable team.


Spectacles for Children

Children’s glasses have to be tough and withstand activities such as sports, school, and playtime.


Spectacle lens finishing

Innovative spectacle lens finishes that optimally protect the surface of your lenses and increase your visual comfort.


At the optometrist

Tips for buying spectacles.


Lens Cleaning Solutions

Many spectacles wearers are not even aware of the fact that improper cleaning is hard on their glasses.


Basics Vision

Our eyes – our windows to the world.


Eye care & Prevention

Our most important sensory organ needs to be protected and cared for. There are many things to consider in this respect.


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