Olbers-Planetarium, Bremen

1000 events per year: a lot is going on under the 6m dome.

1000 events per year: a lot is going on under the 6-m dome. Photo: Olbers-Planetarium

Among small-dome planetariums, the Olbers Planetarium is one of the oldest. When it was inaugurated in 1952, it used a Carl Zeiss projector built already before 1945 for astronomical navigation training. In 1979 it was replaced with a ZKP 2, which has been an untiring workhorse since. Star navigation having declined in importance, the Bremen Planetarium today is focused on school astronomy and a wide variety of public shows. The star projector has been supplemented by multimedia technology.

Opening 1952 1979
Model ZKP ZKP 2
Dome dia. 6 m (20 ft) 6 m (20 ft)
Seats   35
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