Volkssternwarte und Planetarium Laupheim

The Laupheim Public Observatory and Planetarium

The Laupheim Public Observatory and Planetarium Photo: Laupheim Planetarium

The Public Observatory of Laupheim, run by a non-profit organization, has existed since 1975. The institution comprises an observatory and a planetarium in Laupheim and an observing station in Ehingen. Laupheim has become a notable center of astronomical education and research in the south of Germany. The Planetarium was opened on May 18th, 1990. It soon became evident that attendance figures exceeded the envisaged 15,000 per year by far. The dome is hidden under a striking pyramid structure.

Opening 1990 2012
Model Modell 1015 ZKP 4 + VELVET Duo
Dome dia. 10 m (33 ft) 10 m (33 ft)
Seats 60 60
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