Beisbroek Planetarium of the Volkssterrenwacht

Building of the Volkssterrenwacht in Brugge

Building of the Volkssterrenwacht in Brugge. Photo credit: Eddy Pirotte

The Beisbroek Planetarium opened in 1985 with a Viewlex Apollo instrument. Following years of use, the projector needed to be replaced. After studying the market in detail, the decision was made for SKYMASTER ZKP 3.

Thanks to the close professional connection to Carl Zeiss, the Planetarium was asked to serve as a test platform and extensively test the new ZKP 3/B control system. The conversion took place in Autumn 2003 to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Opening 2002 2003
Model ZKP 3 ZKP 3/B (Upgrade)
Dome dia. 7.3 m (24 ft) 7.3 m (24 ft)
Seats 45 45
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