Observatory and Planetarium Koenigsleiten

In an idyllic setting: the planetarium in Königsleiten

In an idyllic setting: the planetarium in Königsleiten. Photo: Planetarium Königsleiten

Known for magnificent waterfalls and unspoilt sceneries within a national park, Königsleiten has more than merely nature to fascinate its visitors. The town's planetarium is not the least of its attractions. At 1,800 m above sea level, it holds the height record among Europe's planetariums. Located in a holiday resort aptly named "Sterngucker" (star gazer), the planetarium is directly connected with an observatory (main instruments: a 60-cm Cassegrainian reflector and a 20-cm Zeiss refractor). Visitors can thus enjoy planetarium shows as well as observe real stars.

Opening 1997
Model ZKP 3
Dome dia. 7 m (23 ft)
Seats 50
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