Vienna Zeiss Planetarium

The Vienna Zeiss Planetarium

The Vienna Zeiss Planetarium. Photo: Carl Zeiss

In 1927 the city became the first place outside of Germany to have a planetarium. The modest wooden building was torn down again in 1928, and a new star theater in the Prater, Vienna's big recreation and amusement park, opened its doors on December 4th, 1931.

Towards the end of World War II the projector was moved out of the city before the building suffered destruction.

A new planetarium was built in the Kaisergarten, close to the giant Ferris wheel at the edge of the Prater, in 1962-64.

The planetarium works closely with the Urania Observatory. In 2002 a new UNIVERSARIUM Mark IX in conjunction with the first Zeiss Universal Laser Image Projector (ZULIP) have been installed.

Opening 1927 1931 1964 2002
Dome dia. 20 m (66 ft) 20 m (66 ft) 20 m (66 ft) 20 m (66 ft)
Seats   460 240 223
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