Individualized vs. Simple freeform

Exceptional solutions tailor-made for patients' requirements

Our ambition is to produce prescription spectacle lenses and vision solutions which are customised for the needs of every individual person: from the least expensive solution to a tailor-made suit. Every individual's eye is as unique as their fingerprint.

The development of the first ZEISS progressive lenses with free-form technology, which can be individually adapted to the spectacle wearer, was a milestone in ophthalmic optics in 2000. They were called ZEISS GradalĀ® Individual. Long considered impossible prior to this, Carl Zeiss Vision succeeded in making individual designs a reality. Precision measurements are the key to this success.


The progressive surface is the free-form surface. Carl Zeiss Vision defines small surface areas mathematically, which can be designed variably locally and result in a smooth progressive lens surface. These surface areas are then adapted to the individual measurements of the spectacle wearer using mathematical calculations based on the order data, and manufactured.


Carl Zeiss Vision has revolutionised this technology again and again in the last ten years and refined the product range. Today, ZEISS progressive lenses are even more individual and perform better: Progressive Individual- with EyeFit technology allows individual adaptation of progressive lens designs even for the near vision range - as individual as a tailor-made suit. Or ZEISS office lenses, which can be customised for the working viewing distance of a spectacle wearer.

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