Binocular testing for sharp and stereoscopic vision.

i.Polatest® from ZEISS measures both eyes to precisely determine how the eyes interact and bring you sharp vision and spatial perception.

Benefits of i.Polatest® and Polatest® N Classic:

  • Provides precise subjective refraction support for precise results and maximum wearer tolerance: i.Polatest® for optimum distance and Polatest® N Classic for optimum near refraction.
  • Binocular tests for determining the interaction of both eyes for optimum stereoscopic vision.
  • Most common monocular tests can be called up on the device individually.
  • Modern LCD technology with user friendly touch screen operation for easy handling.
  • Connected and supported with i.Com: ensuring that online updates and customer data archiving are easy and automated.
i.Polatest® from ZEISS

Further Information

More about the lens consultation process

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