i.Scription® Technlogy by ZEISS

The new prescription for better vision™

Gradal Individual® EyeFit

The most individualised ZEISS progressive lens for natural vision at all distances.

Lenses by ZEISS

For 100 years, ZEISS has been creating precision eyeglass lenses. Using freeform lens surfacing technology, ZEISS has been introducing a list of technologies to produce lenses that are individualized for the spectacle wearer’s optimum vision. Have a look at some of our precision lens highlights below.

i.Scription® Technology by ZEISS

i.Scription® Technology by ZEISS uses the i.Profiler® data set in combination with your subjective refraction to calculate and manufacture the individualize i.Scription® lens, leading to better vision:

  • Better night vision
  • Sharper Contrasts
  • Enhanced visual comfort
  • Reduced eye-fatigue
  • Bright and richer color vision

ZEISS Progressive Lenses

Generally, we provide the wearer  comfortable clear and sharp vision thanks to the distinctive ZEISS design DNA in all ZEISS progressive lenses. A list of different ZEISS progressive lens is available, and for all of them, i.Scription® technology is available.

A closer look at our two premium progressive lens designs, Gradal Individual and GT2 3D, shows that they have a lot to offer in terms of optimizing the wearer’s vision:



GT2 3D of course carries the ZEISS design DNA while adding binocular balance of progressive zones for better spatial perception and contrast vision.

Gradal Individual

Gradal Individual

Gradal Individual tops this performance with full individualization of the visual experience: The design creates optimum visual performance by considering all the individual data of the wearer. Also, all data for perfect fit into the chosen frame is incorporated into the individualized lens design. This leads to wide vision fields and so natural vision for the wearer.

ZEISS Single Vision Lenses

Clarlet Individual

Clarlet Individual

ZEISS single vision lenses are available in many different materials, colours and with different coating options. Also in single vision lenses, i.Scription® technology can be chosen for an improved visual experience for the wearer.

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