ZEISS celebrates 100 years of Better Vision

ZEISS celebrates 100 years of Better Vision

For the anniversary of Punktal®, Carl Zeiss Vision celebrates worldwide in different dimensions.


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For Carl Zeiss, the year 2012 is marked chiefly by an important anniversary. Exactly 100 years ago the company revolutionized the spectacle lens market with its innovative Punktal® prescription spectacle lenses. Carl Zeiss is now celebrating "100 years of Better Vision. 100 years of ZEISS precision lenses." Under this motto, the company is presenting a firework of innovative products, sales promotions and a marketing campaign to guide consumers directly to ZEISS eye care specialists.


In 1912 Carl Zeiss developed the first axially symmetric spectacle lens with pointfocal imagery. With its extensive expertise in the field of optics, the company has succeeded for the first time ever in calculating a spectacle lens entirely according to mathematical formulas. This is how Punktal®, the first precision spectacle lens, was invented. This was also the start for a new branch of business for Carl Zeiss: ophthalmic optics.


After Punktal® was developed, ZEISS introduced numerous innovations which drove the optics market. Important milestones in our 100 year history include a patent for a process to create durable coatings to reduce reflections on optical lens surfaces in 1935, anti-reflective technology for mineral spectacle lenses in 1959, brown-tint phototropic mineral spectacle lenses in 1970, horizontal symmetric progressive lenses in 1983, the computer-aided centering system in 1992, or individually personalized progressive lenses in the year 2000.


Since 1912, the company has devoted itself to the goal of "better vision" in product development. In the anniversary year 2012, ZEISS introduces innovations that point to the future of "better vision" and which strengthen the company's aim of always being at the forefront of technological innovation. A package of targeted communications will help to increase the number of customer visits to eye care professionals. The anniversary campaign "100 years of precision spectacle lenses  -  100 years of better vision" includes new ZEISS products, a sales campaign and a large-scale brand campaign.


Carl Zeiss Vision opened its 2012 innovation offensive at the opti ´12 in Germany, with its new premium DuraVision® Platinum AR coating. The new multi-layer coating offers the hardest ZEISS spectacle lens coating ever, improved anti-reflective properties, resistance to dirt and dust and easy-to-clean. Further exhibition highlights include new devices for adjusting and measuring the eye profile, new office spectacle lenses and an introduction of the anniversary campaign.