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Always on the go? Whether you’re driving or using mobile devices, we can help you see better.

Whether you’re driving or looking at your mobile, today’s world makes many demands on our vision and therefore on our eyes, too. Smartphones, laptops and other devices are changing the way we see, redefining the near range, and therefore causing digital eyestrain. But what do we even mean these days when we talk about good vision – and how can we keep improving it? What’s the advantage of a pair of glasses designed for driving? How can glasses designed to combat digital eyestrain help when we’re surfing the Net or looking at our smartphones? Read on to find out all about modern and “digital” vision, and read our tips for both novice and advanced progressive lens wearers.

What's the best way of developing spectacle lenses tailored to our digital lifestyle?

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Oct 16, 2017

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Oct 16, 2017

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