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the perfect all-day glasses for the digital lifestyle.

NOW: Full UV protection in all clear ZEISS lenses

Focused on modern life. ZEISS Digital Lenses will provide you with a totally new view of your smartphone, tablet or TV. Perfectly matched to the use of digital devices. Your eyes will thank you for it.

ZEISS Digital Lenses.

The remedy to Digital Eyestrain.

On average, we look at our smartphones, tablets or TV screens for almost five hours every day. And we glance at our mobile phones as many as 80 times a day! And these figures are set to rise in the future. Small font sizes and the constant switching of our viewing focus from near to far objects demands the utmost from our eyes. From the age of 30 onwards, this can lead to digital eyestrain or, as the experts put it, the Computer Vision Syndrome. ZEISS Digital Lenses offer the perfect remedy by enabling fast, comfortable focusing thanks a specially optimised near zone – no matter where we look. These lenses are ideal not only for digital devices, but also for reading books and magazines.

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The world in pixels – a challenge for our eyes.

The increasing use of smartphones, navigation devices, e-readers and tablets is also changing our visual behaviour: our eyes are having to become accustomed to a new range of near vision to accommodate the shorter distance at which we hold digital devices compared to a newspaper or a book. And they also require our eyes to constantly switch between different distances. This is a situation that demands a lot – often too much – from our eyes: more and more people are becoming shortsighted or are complaining about problems with their eyes or general health as a result.

What is Digital Eyestrain?

The use of digital technology demands the utmost from our eyes. In just a fraction of a second they have to move between far and near: from viewing something in the distance to small displays, tiny fonts and tightly packed information –and then back again. This places extreme strain on the ciliary muscle and the lens of the eye which have to constantly re-adapt to ensure that what we see is clearly focused. Headache and neck strain, burning or tired eyes may be the result, particularly as we get older. In Germany, for example, 50 percent of the population suffer from one or more of these symptoms, i.e. from visual stress.

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Digital Lenses. The right solution for everyone.

Relaxed, comfortable vision. With lenses for the digital world.

ZEISS Digital Lenses are sharply focused on the use of digital devices such as e-readers or smartphones. Special optimisation of the near zone takes into account the typical movements of the eyes and shorter reading distance required by these devices. This design optimally supports the ciliary muscle, therefore making it easier for the wearer to focus their vision in the near and distance ranges. This may help to prevent symptoms of fatigue. The ideal glasses for all-day use – and not only for digital natives.

Digital eyestrain? This is how you can check whether your eyes are affected.

Do you also suffer from eyestrain? Find out now!

The free test for smartphones has been developed by experts and is available for iOS and Android.


The right solution for everyone.

Digital Lenses, Office Lenses and Progressive Lenses – how do they differ?

Up to every challenge. While the ZEISS Digital Lenses have been specially optimised for near vision and are suitable for all-day use, ZEISS Office Lenses are designed as an additional pair of glasses for people who notice that they are starting to have problems with vision at mid and near viewing distances – the typical range of vision required in the office, for example. ZEISS progressive lenses, on the other hand, offer an individualised design for clear, focused vision at near, far and everything in-between.

Aesthetically thin, exceptionally light. Uncompromising design.

No matter if they're made of plastic or glass: cutting-edge production methods enable the manufacture of incredibly thin, light lenses, even with a high prescription and special visual impairments. You'll barely notice you're wearing these lightweight champions at all.

Full UV protection in clear ZEISS lenses.
All day. Every day.

UV is always around. Even on cloudy days. UV radiation represents a health risk for your eyes but as also to the eye surroundings. Do you always protect your eyes when you are outdoors? Now all clear lenses from ZEISS come with full UV protection!

The special properties of the lens filter out harmful UV rays and provide your eyes with lasting protection.  

Additional visual comfort in artificial light. Counteract eye fatigue and visual stress.

No matter if it's a smartphone, an LED lamp, a monitor, TV, tablet or an e-reader: modern light sources emit more blue light than we've ever experienced before. Many people find this light unpleasant and stressful because it adversely impacts our biorhythms and may even be dangerous for our eyes. A blue light filter in the spectacle lens can provide you with more comfortable vision.

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Scratches and dirt don't stand a chance. More robust than ever.

High-performance lens coatings make your glasses extremely durable against scratches or adhesive dirt. The benefit: your lenses remain dirt-free for longer, making them significantly easier to clean. See better, look better – thanks in part to the latest anti-reflective coating.

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Digital Lenses as sunglasses.
The summer dream team.

Every pair of glasses can be transformed into a pair of sunglasses of your choice, featuring perfect UV protection and providing you with optimum vision in one lens. And these lenses come with everything you'd expect: improved contrast perception, less glare and an anti-reflective coating. It's nice not to compromise.

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Self-tinting lenses for the ultimate in comfort. Perfect UV protection included.

A pair of glasses for every situation: these self-tinting lenses also work as sunglasses. They darken in seconds and clear up in just a few minutes. And of course they feature 100% UV protection.

5 Tips to help prevent Digital Eyestrain

Make sure you relax your eyes regularly over the course of the day

1. Make sure you relax your eyes regularly over the course of the day. Ideally, look into the distance every hour for about five minutes – without focusing.

5 Tips to help prevent Digital Eyestrain

Ask your optician for advice on digital eyestrain

2. Ask your optician for advice on digital eyestrain. He or she will check your eyes for possible symptoms.

5 Tips to help prevent Digital Eyestrain

Ideally, you should combine your eye stress test with a regular eye examination.

3. Ideally, you should combine your eye stress test with a regular eye examination. You should have this done every two years – to ensure that you enjoy good vision and therefore a better quality of life.



5 Tips to help prevent Digital Eyestrain

Some people find that this blue light makes them feel tired and uncomfortable. The remedy may be the appropriate lens coating.

4. These days, we are exposed to more blue light than ever before due to the constant use of modern displays. Do you work at a computer, smartphone or tablet for long periods every day? Some people find that this blue light makes them feel tired and uncomfortable. The remedy may be the appropriate lens coating.


5 Tips to help prevent Digital Eyestrain

Perfect lens centration by your optician are an absolute must.

5. If you opt for ZEISS Digital Lenses, detailed advice on your lenses and frames and perfect lens centration by your optician are an absolute must.

For professional cleaning and gentle lens care. Useful extras.

For professional cleaning and gentle lens care. Useful extras.

ZEISS Lens cleaning solutions

Protective and effective: gentle care for the lens and coating. As a cleaning spray or cloth, these solutions are also ideal for a computer monitor, smartphone or tablet. 

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More relaxed, safer driving.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

Progressive lenses optimised for driving reduce the risk of an accident and improve visual comfort at the same time, making it easier to focus when you move your eyes (e.g. between the street and the dashboard). A pair of progressive glasses can also be fitted to meet the demands placed on your eyes at work, turning your second pair of glasses into your favourite co-worker.

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Glasses serve a simple purpose: to help the wearer enjoy the best-possible vision. Yet in practice this is a major technological feat requiring both great expertise and an optician who takes sufficient time for their patients. Only comprehensive knowhow and a thorough consultation ensure an individualised solution that will satisfy you for many years to come. Find an optician near you ...

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Progressive Lenses

Finally, a more relaxed drive!

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