ZEISS glasses for children

Because children's eyes require special attention.

Children have specific visual needs. With more fragile eyes than adults, they need protective and resistant lenses to follow them in all their activities. ZEISS accompanies you to meet the needs of young wearers.

All ZEISS children's lenses have full UV protection up to 400nm.

Understand and protect the eyesight of your young spectacle wearers

With the development of digital era, the visual behavior of children is changing. However, the latter is not yet comparable to that of adults.

  • Children spend more time outdoors than adults and are therefore more exposed to UV rays.
  • Children are spending more and more time indoors and on screens. They then solicit their near vision and are therefore exposed to certain risks, such as progressive myopia.
  • A fragile and still developing view. In children some parts of the eye such as the lens are still developing. To accompany them there are protections.

Keep an eye on the eyesight of your young spectacle wearers:

In order to best support their development, it is recommended to have regular visual check-ups with eye care professionals.

Educate children and parents about good visual behavior

Children's eyesight is still developing and it is important to protect it. To do this, you can not only offer your wearers a suitable solution but also recommend good visual practices.

The longer time spent indoors, especially in front of screens, now poses new risks for young wearers. The optical industry as a whole has a role to play in raising awareness among children and parents.

Take advantage of the visit of the young spectacle wearers to reaffirm your expertise in visual health.

A few tips for your young spectacle wearer1

Because you are an expert in visual health, you can play an awareness role with your young spectacle wearer. Recommend some good practices to help children adopt good visual behavior.

  • 2 hours

    Spend at least 2 hours a day outdoors.

  • 7 years

    As far as possible, minimize screen time before the age of 7.

  • 3x20

    Tip to rest the eyes in near vision: look every 20 minutes, at 20 meters for 20 seconds.

  • 35 cm

    Keep smartphones and tablets more than 35cm from the eyes.

Preserve the capital seen by your young spectacle wearers

In the long term, UV rays can cause severe eye problems such as corneal lesions, cataracts or even AMD.

Because it is important for children to go outside, all ZEISS lenses dedicated to them systematically offer complete UV protection up to 400nm.

They permanently have, even with clear lenses, protection of the same level as high-end solar equipment.

  • A patented ZEISS innovation
  • Without compromising aesthetics and optics
  • Total protection: front and back
  • ZEISS lenses for kids
  • To enable children to see perfectly in all circumstances, ZEISS has developed a portfolio of products specially designed for young wearers.

ZEISS Lenses for Kids

A range dedicated to children to accompany them in all the adventures of daily life.

ZEISS Lenses for Kids

High breakage resistance, complete UV protection, very easy to clean… the range of ZEISS lenses can meet all needs. ZEISS design standards such as optical quality and aesthetics are also an integral part of the lenses.

Systematically equipped with the ultra-resistant ZEISS DuraVision coating treatment with antistatic, hydrophobic and oleophobic layers to facilitate lens care .UVProtect technology is also included for complete UV protection.


  • Type: Stock and Rx (SPH, AS, ClearView)
  • Indexes: 1.5, 1.6, 1.67 & 1.74

ZEISS MyoVision ACE lenses

The ZEISS lens dedicated to progressive myopia in children.

ZEISS has developed a special design to correct myopia and to slow down its development.


Benefit from the expertise of an entire group.

This 3rd generation, based on a principle marketed for 11 years, was designed using data from the medical divisions of the ZEISS group.


Design ZEISS MyoVision ACE

Highly aspherical, the lens operates on the principle of peripheral defocus.

• Central zone provides clear vision, correcting myopia

• The periphery of the lens sends a light signal, aimed at slowing down the development of myopia

AgeFit Junior technology optimizes the optics for a standard child wearing position. It takes into account wearing parameters specific to children and integrates biometric data collected on young carriers by our diagnostic devices.

A complete solution

Specially designed for progressive myopia in children, ZEISS MyoVision ACE lenses offer a complete solution:

• Complete range of indices for all needs

• Complete UV protection with UVProtect technology included

• Aesthetic solution with quick adaptation

• Available in sunglasses and with the multi-equipment offer, to maximize wearing time

A complete and educational follow-up

To make the link between opticians, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, pediatricians and parents to follow the evolution of myopia as closely as possible, a follow-up log is available.

• To allow information to flow easily between stakeholders.

• To gain responsiveness by quickly identifying the child's myopic development.

• To teach about good visual behavior to adopt.

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  • 1

    Recommendations inspired by the analysis of myopia carried out in the article: 2015 CEO - Ramamurthy, Yu Lin Chua and Saw - A review of environmental risk factors for myopia during early life, childhood and adolescence, Clinical and experimental optometry, DOI:10.1111/cxo.12346.